Daily regime for health

The perfect health is the dream of everyone. “Health is Wealth” and all such idioms definitely stand true, especially, when the disease doesn’t allow anybody to work up to its capacity. Live the work aside; even the enjoyment of leisure is not entirely experienced by a person whose body, mind and soul are not in equilibrium.
Following are a few rules to be followed by anyone and everyone to remain healthy.
Get up early in the morning.

‘Brahme Muhurte Uttishthet’ is the original command from ayurvedic scientists. One has to get up early in the morning, follow natural laws. Modern science may prove that different discharges, toxins in the body are liberated more in the times of early morning .By common sense, we would easily understand the importance of rising early. Up to early morning or dawn the large intestine starts collecting waste products in its last part. Those waste products create a sense of urge for evacuation. The more time they remain in the body, the more vicious effects they produce because either they are absorbed back in the system or they form layers over the lumen of intestines. When this phenomenon repeats, the area which creates the sensation for the evacuation, becomes weak. So the problems like constipation, laziness, and procrastination follow. Nevertheless mere awakening in the morning will not work. You should be active in that period. At that time air is cool, environment is cold, is just like sweet winter of the day. One can easily exercise at that time without feeling tired. The morning is a time of Kapha. So to alleviate Kapha getting up in the morning, exercising, evacuating bowels & bladder are very important to keep with rhythm of nature. Of course the person should sleep enough.To remain awake in late nights is described as ‘Adventure’ in Ayurveda. Adventures like swimming for long time, hiking, climbing difficult hills are all to imbalance the harmony. So to take a complete sleep one has to bed early. Unnecessary awakening is straining the system.

Abhyanga : Oil massage
Applying oil to the body is preventing deterioration. Ayurveda calls the body as ‘sharir’ that means which deteriorates every second & that is true also. These are three reactions in our body. Building, maintenance & decline. In every age group all the three reactions are taking place. Only difference is the young age the building of tissues is more in quantity & speed & in the old age, decline is predominant. But due to certain environmental factors or behavioral faults even in young age, the third reaction stats dominating that is what the premature senility is. When the dying tissues exceed building healthy tissues that is the signal for old age. Ayurveda believes that this death of tissues is due to lack of nutrition or absence or obstruction in excretion or increases in catabolism. Applying oil to each & every part of the body increases factors, which prolong life. According to physiology the skin is developed as a cream on the milk. The oil applied to skin reaches whole of the tissues as a part of the nutrition. After reaching to the cells it oleates the membranes & keep the pores intact for the entry of nutrition & exit of excretion. The organs in the body are represented on the skin in the form of dermatomes on in the form of energy channels. But those parts when oleated give rhythmic stimulation to different parts of the body.

Don’t Break the records
This is the period of competitions. We all are in rat race. We are running behind money & fame or such other things. & For that we always strain our system. We take more labor from body but don’t give anything in return. Some people do adventures to break the records. Continuously running, jumping, cycling & so on…all these are adventures that are to be avoided.
There are 6 types of adventures. Hard work in nights, walking, intercourse, laughing, remaining awake, speaking, all these in excessive form lead to deterioration of ojus, the immunity system & tissue building system in the body.

Respect Natures Calls
To remain alive & healthy, body cells have to work. For this process they need nutrition. Nutrition to the cells, let it be in the form of proteins, carbohydrates or fats, it comes from the food and water. So the body gives response to the requirement of nutrition in the form of Hunger, thirst etc. These urges are to be satisfied with proper, nutritious diet. Similarly when these cells work, they produce waste products. All these waste products are carried through different channels, processed and ready to be thrown out of body. The body gives response in the form of urge to evacuate bowels or bladder or sweating. These are the natural rhythms of the body decided by biological clock. Similar are the urges for sneezing, reflex of cough, reflex of yawning, urges to sleep, reflex of vomiting, reflex of ejaculation of semen, etc. All these are the reflexes for which Vayu has to work. Vayu takes energy from the cells itself to produce the contractions for urges. These urges when not satisfied or produced by force or artificially needs still more energy. So, there is a lot of energy depletion leading to weakness of different cells. So these cells can succumb to even trivial injury like infection agents or allergens. So one should always look for the fulfillment of the urges. As the bodily urges are neither to be produced artificially nor to be suppressed, similarly, mental or psychological urges are to taken care of. Ayurveda has a profound knowledge about psychological process & diseases. It gives at par importance to body and mind for production of health or disease.

Body needs purification:
In day today activities, there is a lot of production of oxidants. These are as bad as internal toxins or autotoxins. When they are accumulated they do not allow the nutrients to enter in different cells. So, they need periodic removal as our car needs servicing. So, this is called as Panchakarma in Ayurveda. These are detoxification procedures. These procedures can be of preventive nature or diseases specific or as preparation for other therapies.
Following up of these simple rules will definitely leads to near perfect health.