Detoxification of body toxins


Measures are carried out by means of panchakarma therapies in ayurveda:

Ayurveda is well developed medical science. The definition of health by ayurveda which comprises of well being of physique, senses, sould and mind prooves the deep thought process behind ayurvedic scripts.

The main cause for disease is uncontrolled senses. If the senses are in control, the mind and soul are in happy state. ayurveda gives stress on prevention of diseases. Because when disease enters, it leaves the scars and though sometimes negligible , hampering in the functions of organs or mind. Panchakarma therapy has a predominant role to play in this context.

What is panchakarma?

Panchakarma = 5 therapies, it includes procedures like vamanam, virechanam, nasyam, basti, & raktamokshanam.

These procedures are mainly detoxification procedures.

Necessity: These treatments are designed after thorough thinking about human nature. every human being can exert control over the senses. A human nature is always to break the rules. Therefore due to unwholesome diet, behaviour and diet which is not suiting the constitution, not following daily regime, not changing diet and behaviour according to season etc, then different disease producing factors called as doshas in ayurveda are accumulated in body. We need to remove them.


1. Body is not a static machine. it is always moving, acting, reacting, so also it's cells. Even in sleep our heart pumps blood, lungs breathe so on. During this process, some factors are used by body and some other are produced. With perfect diet and behaviour, the body tries to balance these factors and maintains equilibriem. But perfect diet and behaviour and perfect health is not less than an illusion for a common man. So the equilibrium in different tissues and their contents needs to be achieved which is done by panchakarma.


Of course, though the procedure is similar, the drugs used are disease specific for these procedures.

It is rightly said by charaka, that the diseases which are treated by panchakarma would not recurr.

The above description shows the importance of panchakarmas in ayurvedic treatments.