Staying young by Ayurveda

Everyone wants to remain healthy and young forever or as long as possible. The youth is the most enjoyable stage in human life. Different tissues are grown fully in this stage. All the organs and vital principles of the body attain their full maturity. One attains the balance of strength, manhood valour, understanding, energy, memory, grasping power, speech.

In this stage, a man is strong, has well determined psychic disposition and compact body elements. This is a pitta predominant stage and hence the digestive power is at its best. The person has a good lusture, complexion etc. Due to its effect on mind, the emotions like joy, anger, fear, courage, sex depend on the action of pitta and hence are at their top.

But as the age advances, vata takes the place of pitta. Vata elements are responsible for gradual wearing off. In old age, the strength and energy of a man dwindles day by day. The organs and virility become weak and suffer detioration. The skin sags down and becomes flabby. The body elements, sense organs, energy, valour, memory, speech and discrimination begin to decay. The rate of formation of new cells is also less. The digestive power is weak. The sexual ability decreases. This is the old age.

Old age is not a disease. The main goal is to prevent early senility and can be achieved through

  1. Preservation of functions
  2. Non dependance

so to prevent aging, one must look on various aspects of prevention in the fields of

  1. Physical health
  2. Mental health
  3. Social and economic status
  4. Environmental circumstances
  5. Functional status