About Ayurgoa.

A very proud moment for Oorja wellness Centre, it’s staff and all of you patrons. !!!! 
Oorja wellness center is now NABH accredited healthcare ayurveda and Panchakarma clinic.  Accreditation is the system of evaluation and empanelment by third parties. It provides access to reliable and certified information on facilities,  infrastructure and level of care.
How is it going to benefit the Patients??
Accreditation makes sure, high quality of care and patient safety.
- The patients get services by credential medical staff
-Under this, their rights are protected and also patient satisfaction is regularly evaluated. 
-It also provides objective empanelment by insurance companies and useful for reimbursements. 
Under NABH, 
The people working with us are also satisfied as it provides for continuous learning, work satisfaction and good exposure to various techniques. So it improves overall professional development of all the staff.
We are also delighted to announce that, We are the first and only ayurveda Clinic to have this honour in Goa and 
Western Maharashtra and Karnataka. 
So be Assured that at Oorja, you get access to all reliable and certified information on facilities, infrastructure and level of care.
Thanks 🙏🏻.

Oorja wellness center is a center located in Margao, Goa. This center is fully equipped with all the facilities required for an ideal ayurvedic hospital. It has admission facility with well furnished and comfortable rooms. The environment is just like a resort and not as health center. Practicing and propagating Ayurveda is the only aim of this center. The center is operational with specialized and talented doctors in Ayurveda with sufficient experience and the paramedical staff having trained masseurs, cook having experience in Indian healthy diet with a delicious taste and a yoga instructor having very good experience in yoga teaching. We are all a family and staying with us you will surely enjoy the goan hospitality and a family environment. The chief consultants are Dr. Pranav and Dr. Sneha Bhagwat.

Pranav Bhagwat

Dr. Pranav Bhagwat: - M.D. (Ayurveda Vachaspati)

Dr. Pranav Prabhakar Bhagwat.
Professor and Head of department, Dept. Of Shalakya Tantra.(Eye and ENT), Gomantaka Ayurveda Mahavidyalaya, Shiroda, Goa university.
Consultant at Oorja Wellness Center, Margao, Goa.
Academic excellence:-
Started as the University faculty in the year 2000, continued the path of kindling scientific endeavour in the young minds of India and guided numerous graduate and post graduate students through classroom and online teaching till date and currently handling the administrative responsibility of department Of Shalakyatantra in Goa along with taking practical classes and bedside clinics for the students.
Has participated in more than 30 National and International medical conferences as a Scientific Paper Presenter, Session Chairman And Resource Person.
Contributed as a Resource Person for ophthalmology in more than seven national Continuous Medical Education programmes for the Government Medical Officers and General Practitioners in India.
More than 10 articles are published in Scientific Journals .
Is chosen as a Resource Person for the University Faculties And Teachers of Shalakyatantra throughout India.
Runs courses for Medical Elective Programme for medical students across the world.
Given more than 6 seminars on Ayurveda, Panchakarma, Ophthalmology etc. at various international venues including St. Petersburg, Meersburg, Venlo.
Clinical experience:-
Starting as an intern as a part of medical graduation through University of Mumbai and worked further as a Clinical Registrar in prestigious IPGT&RA, Gujarat.
Known as a learned and compassionate Ayurveda physician in Goa and specialised in the area of Retinal Diseases and other eye diseases; ENT diseases; migraines and other chronic headaches; Thyroid diseases.
Known internationally as a visiting Ayurveda Consultant and physician in Germany, Holland, Austria, Russia and USA.
Interacted with and consulted more than 10,000 patients in Goa and Outside India.
Social Work:-
As a social responsibility, conducts numerous eye check-up camps and Ayurveda camps.
Active participation as a member of SAKSHAM working in the field of low vision and corneal blindness.
Delivers lectures about health on All India Radio, Panjim.
Written around 25 articles in various local magazines and newspapers.
Delivered lectures for general public at Venlo, Holland and Uberlingham, Germany; Meersburgh, Germany.
Started with special health programme for children (Suvarnaprashana) ,especially of poor and lower middle class.
Awards and felicitations:-
Recipient of National Rashtriya Vidya Saraswati Puraskaar in 2007.
Recipient of Healthcare Excellence Award -2014.
Recipient of Bhuvaneshwari Seva Chudamani Puraskar 2015.
Member of Board of studies, Goa University.
Member of Board of Studies, KLE’s KAHER, Belgaum.
Member of Syllabus Committee, PGDOMS, CCIM, New Delhi.
Trainer at Training Of Trainers Programme by Dept. Of AYUSH. Govt. of India.
General Secretary and member of Cental Council, The Association of Shalaki (ayurveda ophthalmologists) -INDIA.2015-17. And 2017-2019.

Dr. Sneha Bhagwat

Dr. Sneha Bhagwat: - (Ayurvedacharya)

Dr Sneha Bhagwat
Dr. Sneha Pranav Bhagwat, successfully Graduated from Goa Ayurveda College, 2001. Her hunger to learn more lead her to Poona, and there she decided to specialise in Panchakarma therapy.
After this, returned to Goa, finding that there were no job opportunities. Enterprise ring spirit took her to Cavelossim, a nearly unknown village back then in Goa, but she realised about it’s potential, surrounded by all five star hotels and beautiful beaches. There, started Ayurveda consultations and treatments, mainly, to foreign tourists and this opened the doors to overseas ventures for her.She has developed a special scientific combination of diet , treatments and Yoga along with lifestyle advise to suit any age group to successfully treat all the above disorders.
Back in 2005, she started going abroad for consultations. That was the beginning of a new chapter in her life, on the following 7 years, she’s affiliated to 5 clinics and Panchakarma Centres across Austria, Germany, America and Russia.
This was just the beginning, getting people from these continents and treating them in Goa was the challenge. She understood this and proved her abilities.As she’s been traveling to so many countries consistently she has learned and understood the lifestyle and diet variations of all the countries . So that now she can advise the suitable a diet in that particular region or countr
Soon after, as an outcome from her experiences, OORJA WELLNESS CENTRE in Margao, Goa, was created. A centre with complete Ayurveda’s specialities under a single roof.
After 15 years of medical practice, changed her attitude, outlook towards society and about what she could do about it. She participated in various social activities/projects aiming to create awareness and providing free consultations and treatments to the weakest and in need section of society. Especially, focused her deep research and knowledge to women’s health and empowering them. Offering lectures to schools, colleges and women-self-help groups .
Association with Rotary International was a mile stone.
Her extraordinary pulse diagnostic skills will help and guide you on your journey to
wellbeing. Precisely, identifying the root cause of your health problems and/or prevent any
further problems that you will avoid by changing your life-style. The research is done to provide the best diet and lifestyle to suit each every individual. Its definitely an experience to be cherished for lifetime.

Our Objective

After thoroughly considering the pathogenesis of disorder, an effective drug endowed with qualities will be administered, in such a way that disease may be alleviated without producing harmful side effects, as; in that case, the equilibrium of a tissue will not be achieved. That is why charaka has said the therapy, which pacifies one disorder, but, at the same time, gives rise to some other disorder is not correct. The correct one is that which while pacifying a disorder does not excite the other one. So the drug & treatment modality will be chosen in such a way that while alleviating the disorder it should not produce adverse side effects so that equilibrium is restored.


In this era dominated by the power of money, there are a lot of ayurvedic centers mushrooming in India, with the sole aim of making money. There are a lot of un-scientific procedures going on under the name of Ayurveda. So we work on both these fronts: removing the fallacies from the minds of the people as well as propagating real AYURVEDA.