About Ayurveda

As the name suggests, this is the ancient Indian medical science, which is the knowledge of life. Life is not just living but the healthy living. Our life has four basic components: Body, mind, Soul & Senses. Ayurveda believes that healthy life can be achieved only after foremost existence of each of these contents & perfect co-ordination amongst these four components. An example of un-co-ordination amongst these is an obese person who wishes to eat lot of foods but he cannot digest it resulting into increased weight. So, it was Ayurveda, the first medical science on earth to define the status of perfect health. Health is the basic need or want of each & every individual & this need is definitely of immense & primary value as the perfect health is the basis of enough & more then enough amounts of money, satisfaction & a social status. 

According to the Indian philosophy, life on earth has started from fish or Aquarians. From Aquarians during the courses of time, the amphibians developed, and then the quadruplets, two legged beasts & then the human beings were struggling for their life on the earth. But due to their peace of mind & non-accumulative attitude, there were very few diseases. Later on, as the man started thinking that instead of every hard work, if he could accumulate some wealth i.e. food, home etc for tomorrow his tomorrow would be lazy. As soon as this greed cropped up the diseases entered in his body.

So there were many people suffering from a variety of diseases at a point of existence. At that time, a few scientists & noted wise men came together & started working together in search of cure of diseases. & They again went to mother nature, which has given them a lot of peace before. They started observing different animals, how they tried to cure themselves, which was the plant they used to eat when they suffered from diseases, & they found astonishing truths. They worked on them; they made some of these truths as the ‘Basic Principles’. They also started working similar plants & did animal experiments. At the same time they started studying the human body. They dissected human body, noted vital points, and relations between different parts. But they found that this was not enough, because the living human body as it contains mind, soul & senses also, reacts differently to external stimulus.  This reaction is the most important mode to decide health or diseases. So they observed human body. They studied evolution of man, observed different changes in body according to time, place, status of mind, purity of soul & excellence of senses. They thought over these changes & found that there are some basic forces that decide the various changes in physical constituents and as a product of these changes; there are some other constituents, which after certain time are relieved out of body.They studied these various factors in health as well as in diseases. The diet, the environment, the habits, the seasons were given a status of factors deciding health & diseases in the body as they noted various effects of these factors on the body constituents & bodily reactions.After studying all these factors & body in detail & after observing different diseases and pathologies, they decided the permutation & combination of doshas, dhatus, & malas in pathogenesis of each disease.

At last they were able to define a particular part of plant useful for a particular stage of disease and thus originated a great medical science Ayurveda.This science is ancient! That’s true but progressing like a river. This is not a dead science. The new diseases are coming but the basic concepts to ones astonishment have never changed. Many scientists have tried a lot to formulate a new concept discarding the old ones but in vain. So now the new community of ayurvedic graduates come to the conclusion that instead of challenging the basic concepts it is quite worthy if we use those in advancing the science. Thus when we come to know that ayurvedic principles of treatment and knowledge of disease is permanent and does not need to change, then we started applying them as they are. The newer diseases which are coming due to changing environments, changing circumstances, advent of newer medicines, half applied treatment, the half knowledge of the treatments and the changed form of diseases hence after, all these give rise to a lot of permutations and combinations of the status of diseases.

Ayurveda has given perfect guidelines regarding the use of medicines and therapies in these varieties of diseases. We have adopted these principles and are happy to find their use as overwhelmingly successful one.Ayurveda has always insisted on individualized therapy. Every human being is different from another; hence Ayurveda cannot treat the diseases. It treats the human being. That is the difference with this approach; Ayurveda can give astonishing results as we think about :a. The causative factors of the disease in that particular personb. The status of disease in that personc. The possible changes the body of the patient may show to the medicinesd. The possible time for the disease to get eliminated.e. The therapies to be employed to prevent recurrence of the disease and so on….

All these factors put ayurvedic therapies on a different heights. And we are proud that we are using them for benefit of our patients.