This is nothing but use of continuous stream of medicines prepared from takra i.e. buttermilk, musta, amalaki, etc. on the forehead of a patient. The patient lies in a supine position.
Use: headache, ojakshaya(debilities), urinary disorders, heart diseases, eye disorders, convulsions etc.
Duration: 45-90 minutes,


This is a treatment where a medicated piece of cotton or gauze is placed on the BRAHMARANDHRA of a patient . This cotton is filled with a medicated oil or ghee, which is changed from time to time to keep it warm.
Use: hair loss, graying of hairs, wounds, bleeding from the nose, epilepsy etc.
Duration: 30 minutes.


This is nothing but another method of retaining medicated oil on the head, the patient is kept in sitting position. The oil is changed every now and then to maintain a warm temperature.
Use: parasthesia, facial palsy, atrophic rhinitis, headaches, psychological disorders, etc.
Duration: 30-60 minutes.


This is a treatment for eye disorders. The herbal medicines are poured and retained around eyeball with the help of special flour to help decrease the eye disorders.
Use: Eye disorders, glaucoma, red eye, squint, etc.
Duration: 30 seconds – 10 minutes.


this is instilling drops of medicated oil or ghee in the nose.
Use: allergy, headaches, as a preventive treatment for nasal diseases, migraines,
Duration: 15- 30minutes.


Filling of ears with medicated oil is called as karnapuranam.
Use: dental pain, earache, pain in neck, mandible pain.
Duration: 5- 10 minutes.


This treatment is application of medicated oil or ghee with other medicines on the head.
Uses: diseases of head by vata, pitta. Numbness of head,
Duration: 60-90 minutes.


In this treatment the person sits in the droni (tub) full of medicated oil or ghee. This is very useful for various vata diseases like paralysis, parasthesia, myopathies, muscular disorders, gives strength to body.
Duration : 45-60 minutes.


In this the medicated ghee or oil is given to a patient to drink. The dose is decided on prakriti, kostha of the patient.
Use: heart diseases, peptic ulcers, vata disorders, pitta disorders, i.b.s. anemia, skin diseases, digestive abnormalities due to vata.
Duration: depends on the diseases.


This is a very useful sudation. The rice is boiled with decoction of specific medicines. This is macerated to make paste. This is tied in small piece of cloth. Then these bags are rubbed very scientifically on the body of the patient. They are kept warm so that the medicines enters the body of the patient.
asthma, paralysis, frozen joints, emaciation, etc.
Duration: 60-90 minutes


The medicated sand is used to give sudation. The sand is heated and wrapped in a piece of cloth. It is placed on affected part or moved into circular movements on the body. In some diseases other dried up medicines are used.
Uses: rheumatism, spondylisis, altered sensations, glands, etc.
Duration: 15-30 minutes.


The medicated steam is sprayed on the affected parts of body. This is done with the help of a particular instrument similar to pressure cooker.
Uses: sprain, arthritis, sciatica, etc.
Duration: 30-60 minutes.


Thai is also called as parisheka. A medicated oil is poured on the body of the patent, the oil is constantly made warm and poured on the body with the help of a clean and medicated cloth. The cloth is filled with oil and then by pressing the oil is slowly spread on the patient body.
Uses: to maintain health, to increase the strength of body, to increase strength of the senses, to prevent aging, increases digestive power, arthritis.
Duration: 60-90minutes


This is similar to pizhichil but only difference is that this therapy is performed on a single part of the body.
Duration 30minutes.
Uses: increase blood circulation, to decrease the pain and swelling,


This is nothing but application of hot paste of medicines on the painful part of the body, the medicated paste is applied on the part and then covered with a piece of medicated cloth.
Use: contractures, stiffness of parts, pain.
Duration: 30 minutes.


These are different preparations of the medicines along with lemon, eggs, flesh, mustard, and sesame. The bags from these medicines are made and with help of medicated oil are applied on body with specific movements.
Uses: this is used in different vata disorders, to alleviate the pain. Spondylosis,
Duration: 60 to90 minutes.

VRANAKARMAM (wound healing):

There are a lot of sufferers from non-healing wounds. This procedure is specifically done to treat these ulcers. With the help of various bandages, and herbal medicines the healing capacity of the body is increased.
Uses: diabetic ulcers, venous, arterial ulcers, other nonhealing ulcers.
Duration: 15-30 minutes.


these treatments consist of massages and oil treatments for the diseases of heart , low backache, neck pains.
Duration: 30-45 minutes.


the milk is processed with medicines and the steam is given to the patient of the milk.
Uses: to increased the lusture, strength, of the body; facial paralysis, tongue defects.
Duration: 25-30 minutes.


This is nothing but administration of nasal medication in the form of powders.
Uses: migraine, sinusitis, coma, psychological disorders, frozen shoulder.
Duration: 20-30 minutes.


This is inhalation of medicated cigarrete. This treatment is used in diseases of upper respiratory tract. It is preceded by snehana swedana i.e. massage.
Duration: 20 minutes.


It is installation of the nasal drops which are herbal oils. It is preceded by herbal massage and herbal steam bath, only in the region of head and neck.
Uses: sinusitis, respiratory tract infection, hair loss, etc.
Duration: 30 minutes.


This is one of the classical panchakarma. It is the induced vomiting by virtue of which the kaphadosha in the body is eliminated . This is one of the detoxifying procedures.
Uses: asthma, skin diseases, recurrent cold, hyperacidity, respiratory infections, epilepsy, ear discharge.
Duration: approximately 4 to 7 days for internal and external oleation. 01 day for vamana.


This is also a detoxification procedure. The toxins in the body are eliminated by purgation. This removes all the pittadosha.
Uses: skin diseases, piles, haemorrhages, goiter, hepatitis, swellings, burning sensations in the body.
Duration: same as vamana plus 3 rest days.


This is very important therapy in ayurveda .By using different drugs it can be used in almost half of the different disorders.
It is of following varieties, nirooha, anuvasana, yapana, vrishya, doshahara, madhutailika, yohgabasti,etc.
Uses: arthritis, vata diseases, paralysis, infertility, headaches, stones, pain in abdomen, constipation, uterine fibroids ,etc.


This is also a very useful treatment in various rakta disorders.
Uses: acidity, skin diseases, high blood pressure, herpes, mouth ulcers, eye disorders, vertigo, etc.
Duration : 01 day + 3 days of oleation.


This is an application of heat to a diseased part with the help of a metal rod .The spots are selected according to the ayurvedic accupuncture points or viddha chikitsa.
Uses: sprains, heel pain, headaches, sciatica, arthritis, etc
Duration: 3minutes.