Our Specialities

Spreading the massage of Ayurveda is our motto. The knowledge of ancient seers of India is treasured in treatises like Caraksamhita. Our aim is to convey this message of health to the world.

We have the following specialities.

Superspeciality treatment for disorders of :-

These are certain areas where we are confident to offer some help to the patients

Serious Ayurveda , not only massages.
Most of the centers have propogated massages is equal to Ayurveda. This not only creates misunderstanding among masses, but also depriving them from the rich source of science of healthcare. We practice Ayurveda as primary healthcare system, not even alternative.

Complete Ayurvedic Approach for diagnosis:-
Ayurveda has developed a system for the diagnosis. Even when patients come with pre-formed diagnosis, say like Ulcerative Colitis, we diagnose them on ayurvedic standards & examinations to find out exact stage of pathogenesis of disease and then treat accordingly. This gives accurate ayurvedic diagnosis.

Treatment & Prevention of diseases:-
Prevention is always better then cure. We give person specific advice for the prevention & treatment of diseases. This is the speciality of ayurveda that it advocates person-specific approach also and not only disease-specific. Thus though there are drugs of choice for all diseases, the particular patient may need altogether different medicine.

Classical Panchakarma:-
The detoxifying measures like Vamana, Virechana, Basti, Nasyam, Raktamokshana are done in classical ways and not any shortcuts are considered.

Keraliya Panchakarma:-
By certain families of Kerala, various massage based therapies are traditionally run. We have specialized doctors who have learnt those therapies from Keraliya Panchakarma like Kizhi, Dhara, Pizhichils etc.

Constitution assessment & advice:-
The basic constitution of a person is assessed, preferably with the help of interview & then dietetic & behavioral advices are suggested to prevent the possible diseases.

Ayurvedic forcasting:-
After assessing status of different factors in body, without any interventional investigation the possible diseases in the future may be described, so the person can take proper care.

Specific Ayurvedic diet:-
We give ayurvedic diet according to doshic status of the patients. This facility is given to all patients admitted in our resort & some patients of out- patient department. The food is tasty yet healthy.

Rasayana therapy:-
This therapy, very difficult to undergo, yet very much beneficial with miraculous result is done under strict supervision. We are proud to announce ourselves as one of a few centers in India which provides a timetested Rasayana therapy. The effect of this therapy is equal to ‘Second life’.

Ayurvedic parasurgical methods:-
Ayurveda is the mother of modern Surgery. Due to constant inventions of Islamic & European barbers, this treasure of surgery is limited to certain parasurgical methods which are very useful in treating certain surgical conditions. These are specially useful in Piles, Fistula-in-ano, fissure etc. These procedures are performed by our ayurvedic surgeon.

Harmony day (Prakrti Day):-
This is an opportunity to experience a healthy day . This is very unique concepts of ours. Wherein after assessing a constitution of a patient, specific massages, specific diet are provided which is an in house system i.e. the person stays with us for a day. It is very special experience where we give information about common herbal medicines also.

Cosmetic therapies:-
Beauty, we accept is not a skin deep. So potions & lotions are the painting & not the inner beauty. We combine the lotions with internal therapies to give long lasting beauty.

All the above narration is to make reader aware of our center & the services we offer to the common people. Our ultimate aim is to provide the best health care system to whole world without having prejudice about any other system.