A very proud moment for Oorja wellness Centre, it’s staff and all of you patrons. !!!! 
Oorja wellness center is now NABH accredited healthcare ayurveda and Panchakarma clinic.  Accreditation is the system of evaluation and empanelment by third parties. It provides access to reliable and certified information on facilities,  infrastructure and level of care.
How is it going to benefit the Patients??
Accreditation makes sure, high quality of care and patient safety.
- The patients get services by credential medical staff
-Under this, their rights are protected and also patient satisfaction is regularly evaluated. 
-It also provides objective empanelment by insurance companies and useful for reimbursements. 
Under NABH, 
The people working with us are also satisfied as it provides for continuous learning, work satisfaction and good exposure to various techniques. So it improves overall professional development of all the staff.
We are also delighted to announce that, We are the first and only ayurveda Clinic to have this honour in Goa and 
Western Maharashtra and Karnataka. 
So be Assured that at Oorja, you get access to all reliable and certified information on facilities, infrastructure and level of care.
Thanks 🙏🏻.